Monday, July 9, 2012

Smarty Shorts

Dylan has been cracking me up lately. He is so smart and is learning so much it amazes me, but then he will have moments where he doesn't even realize he's wrong but I love it. The other day he was using a flash light looking under a table yelling "We're investing. We're investing!" I do believe he meant investigating. You know, like a detective. Then today we were putting on a movie (both the younger boys had doctor appointments and we had assessors at our house today so I am wiped from cleaning and cuddling after Warner's shots and need some lazy boys)  and all the sudden after reading the screen Dylan says "Francis? We can watch this in Francis!" I'm not sure what he thought Francis means... but I know he was reading the language selection screen and read fran├žais. What a goof ball. 

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