Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growing Up Sadler

My boys are all growing up too fast these days!
Dylan is becoming a big kid, telling me he knows times (multiplication, although I think he only knows one or two), why one lady bug was on top of another lady bug (I can't use those words Mom, except another word for it is mating hee hee), and he even made his own top ramen the other day.
Lincoln is turning into a little boy with no more pacifier, able to hit a ball with a bat if you throw it and even count to five. He is fearless. The other day he was jumping on the bed in the spare bedroom, jumped with his face into the wall and kept jumping. It was only until Dylan announced that there was blood on the white comforter did Lincoln even notice he had given himself a bloody nose. You gotta be tough to be a Sadler boy.
He didn't even cry!
 I also taught Lincoln how to use scissors the other day during our little summer school session. He did great trying to get his stubby chubby fingers in the holes and loved cutting the edges of paper over and over. Little did I know how well he actually learned how to use scissors. He came to me while I was doing something unimportant and said "haircut, haircut" and had the scissors at the top of his head. I pulled at his hair and a nice sized chuck came out, see picture below. I also asked him where he cut his hair and there was a nice little pile on the floor in the bonus room. At least he is so hairy that it isn't glaringly obvious he cut it.
His little blondie locks.
In the Sadler house sometimes people do things that aren't always nice on accident. The other day Linc got frustrated with a toy and flung it down in front of him, falling on the unfortunate head of Dylan. Man to head wounds hurt. Luckily it was just a tiny little scrape on the head but it bled like crazy. Fortunately the white shirt didn't hold any sentimental value and could just be thrown out. Dylan is fine today and has forgiven his brother in case you are wondering.
Trying to keep Dylan calm.
Lincoln is working on communicating. It is taking longer than I planned:

Luckily my boys do love each other and are sure darn cute. 

Brother Feet

Warner is my baby. My last baby. How can he possibly be growing up so fast! Did you see that video above? Yes he rolled over. And just for good measure because it looked like Dylan helped him, I made him try it three more times yesterday... and he rolled over three more times... usually crying but he did it. What a mean mommy. I think he is just ready to play with the big boys already.


  1. This post reminds me of the first aid video I watched yesterday--lots of bleeding--but in your case it wasn't simulated. I guess that's going to happen with boys. You are a trooper Shannon. The boys sure love each other and I'm sure you have a lot to do with that:)

  2. Boys 'r gonna do what they do. Cheryl, you fielded a few bloody encounters with Josh and came thru unscathed. As a parent one doesn't have time to think about it, you just fix it.

    I love seeing the boys and how much they love each other!