Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Schoolin'

Isn't that clever? I was spelling school, where you learn, but used a slang version, where you get to be lazy. The best of both worlds.
Anyway this summer has gone by far too quickly. Dylan will be starting school in less than a week. Second grade. Where did the time go? He was just a tiny little sprout when we moved to Ellensburg, and now he is going to start 2nd grade. That means I am the mom of a second grader, ahHH! Except I have two other little ones to keep me young right? Right. So after the whole fancey restaurant incident, the bar was raised on summer fun so next we tried to play school. I made a desk in the bonus room using two cubby shelves and a random board I found in the shed. I'm not sure where it came from or what Shane had planned for it, but it is almost exactly perfect so I took the liberty of using it. It is not very deep for an actual desk, but perfect for little hands for now. So for this play school I made all sorts of fun water crafts, experiments and even found cool books about fish. Oh yeah this mom was going to do it right. 
The only problem was that since it was so cool to play school, the boys want to do school every day during the summer now. So now I've gone through Dylan's old work books, come up with several research projects for Dylan (including boas, bull sharks, salmon and China) and the boys have had tons of fun and hopefully haven't had the "summer slide" I've heard can happen. I even found a free typing program that Dylan has had fun messing around on. 

The boys at their desk.

Fish cut and paste project

Math fishing

Dylan trying to catch the correct answer

Dylan working on his boa research project. Apparently I distracted him taking this adorable picture.

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