Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Fancey Restaurant

Back at the beginning of the summer we actually did fun things around the house rather than running around busy, busy like I feel like I have been doing lately. Dylan was getting bored so I suggested he play restaurant, thinking it would last a few minutes and he would move on to the next thing. Little did I know that we would all play restaurant for the next 8 hours. Dylan came up with the name, "The Fancey Restaurant". He came up with all marketing material including the menu, open and closed sign and table decor. He also was head server and chef. Lincoln and I (and Warner too) enjoyed being served lunch, snack, and dinner and even got to see an alligator wrestling show at the end. 

He made the decor all on his own. 

He loves an excuse to dress up nice.

Our "fancey" menu

Taking orders

Chef Dylan

My favorite picture of Linc


Our order slips


  1. LOL....that is so awesome! Love that Lincoln pic too! And the Sushi Chef hat!

  2. Haha this is soooo cute! I love my nephews!! xoxo

  3. O my gosh--this was an awesome idea and Dylan did a wonderful, detailed job. I remembered when you, Jackie, and Josh would put on a restaurant for us. I especially love the crocodile wrestling show:)