Saturday, August 25, 2012

Warner 3 Months

So I took 3 month pictures, but it was late in the day and after dinner so no one is wearing clothes and the lighting is terrible, but you guessed it. Warner turned three months nevertheless. Lincoln wanted to be part of the ordeal so I included him and let him play with the blocks this time. Warner just keeps growing and getting cuter and chubbier and laughier. He is taking naps in his own bed, keeping tabs on his brothers and generally enjoying life. I'm pretty sure he started teething at 2 months but other than that he is an easy going little guy. 

He likes to know what is going on around him. 

He has the cutest yawns. 

He likes to gnaw on anything and everything. 

Ready to be done.

He's all smiles!

He like playing with toys!

He likes to play hide and seek with his brothers!

Check out those thigh rolls!


  1. Warner reminds me an awful lot of his mommy!!

  2. Wow, he's an amazing baby--he can already play hide and seek! He is a cutie for sure:)