Friday, August 31, 2012

Wild Waves with Kiddos

This summer we took our "big family vacation" in several different places near Seattle. First stop was Wild Waves in Federal Way, WA. I had been to the water/theme park many times as a teenager but this was the first time I had been with my kids. It was funny to me that I spent my time looking for nursing spots in the shade and the most kid friendly places to get a snack rather than looking for cute guys or being goofy with friends. The kids had so much fun splashing around in the wave pool. Dylan went on his first water slide without a life jacket (or swimming jacket as Lincoln calls them) and has improved his swimming ability greatly this summer. Lincoln went on his first kiddie roller coaster with Daddy and had a great time. Warner veged out and had a great time considering it was about 94 degrees the day we decided to go, probably the hottest day all summer for the area! 

The boys after their first ride of the day. 

Warner kicking his big brothers. 

I think Danielle had more fun than it looks like in the picture.

Waiting isn't the most fun part.

Whoops I guess I wasn't quite ready for this one, but Linc sure looks cute.

Showing off his muscles. 

Dylan on the kangaroo ride.

Chubby baby feet.

Our view from the hotel window. 
We stayed in a great hotel in Federal Way (the Clarion if you must know... we do recommend) that had a nice heated pool, great view of Mt. Rainier, and the fanciest continental breakfast area we had been to before. Staying in a hotel is always pretty cool since we don't do it often so of course we had to get ice in the ice bucket and fiddle around with all the cool stuff. Lincoln loved being able to pick up a good old fashion corded phone.

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