Monday, September 10, 2012

Preschool at Home

So I've decided to start Lincoln doing preschool at home. He's not going to be sitting at a desk for hours or filling out work sheets, but we are going to have a little more structure in his day and start working on some preschool type activities, mainly because he wants to. He can count up to eleven, sort of. Most of the time he skips 9. I don't think he knows how to count but he can repeat the sequence up to there, and he likes to say 14 a lot too. He is also starting to show interest in how books work, learning how to use items for their intended purpose (a spatula to flip food, blocks to stack, cars to drive, etc) and doing different stations so I decided that I might as well make learning intentional. He is a completely different personality than Dylan so my teaching ideas will have to be shifted around from what worked with him. Lincoln is a mover. He is high energy and into attention grabbing, hands on lessons. Here are some of the stations and ideas that we've started working on. 

Construction Tub - Fish tank gravel and construction vehicles

Flour Sand Tub - He likes to pour and scoop

Pom pom stuffing in a wipe tub.

Water Beads - These are so cool to play with but unfortunately not as hardy as I thought and Lincoln like to squish them. We'll see how long they hold up. 

He is just so darn cute when he is actually sitting still, which doesn't happen that often. He definitely wears me out (and wears me down when he says No! more than any other word and tries to avoid sleeping at all costs) but he is also so loving and sweet. My little Linkster.

Building his first town with duplos

Coloring a picture (with help from me)

Putting play doh pigs on the houses.

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