Friday, September 14, 2012

Quality One-On-One

Well almost. I always have the baby with us, but I've been trying to be a little more intentional with how I give each boy attention. Dylan is my sensitive one. He likes the build up of us going out on a date, just the two of us together. Last year we went to a basketball game at the high school and it was pretty fun to hear him talk about it the day before and even during. Lincoln is in the "look at me, watch me," phase so just giving him my attention and time means more to him than taking him anywhere. I realized that after I thought it would be so cute to go to a coffee shop and sit for a little date. He had his chocolate milk and I even found a cool toy and figured I would have at least a few minutes to sit and talk about our day while I tried to feed the baby and take a break from errands. Unfortunately he had other ideas and ended up trying to share a couch with a college student working on his computer, check out all the different table and finally go in the corner and try to poop. Ah this is my life. So I cut it short and we left and I realized that just wasn't his style.

Lincoln sitting still for all of two minutes. 

The next time I took him out on his bike. I dragged him all the way down our long gravel driveway while pushing the stroller and he rode about three feet and then announced "All done" and hopped off the bike, running to grab his tricycle since he hasn't figured out pedaling yet. Dragging the bike back up to the door I got the tricycle and we tried it again. We went up and down the street. We found a praying mantis and watched that for a while. We picked up big rocks and tossed them. We petted the neighbor's cat. We just got to hang out. He loved it. 
Pure bug joy.

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