Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Salmon in the Summer

Whoopsie doodle, I almost forgot to post the pictures from our great salmon fishing adventure in Brewster, WA out on my in-laws boat. The boys had a blast hanging out and eating all of the snacks, and Dylan even caught a fish (except an adult actually reeled it in for him). Shane had fun learning the ropes and filling the freezer. I even got a little tan. One of us took turns staying with the Warner in the trailer since they don't make baby lifejackets, so I opted to let Shane take the 3:00 am to 10am shift :) Dylan was up that early with him each day though. What a fun way to do something new. 

More than one of these bad boys ended up in our freezer.

The last time Dylan used a life jacket to swim. 

Brothers in a tube.

Action shot!

Lincoln blowing his first dandelion.

He couldn't figure out how to get them off the stem, so he pulled off the puffs and blew them out of his hand. 

Dylan thinking hard about his wish. 

Warner loves fishing!

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