Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smokey Daze er... Days

Yikes, it has been so smokey here in the Ellensburg valley that yesterday they actually deemed the air quality "hazardous"! So many forest fires were started from a lightening storm but they just haven't been able to contain them all. Luckily we are no where near danger from the fires, just the darn smoke. The elementary school has had indoor recess for about 8 days straight because of poor air quality but it is starting to get ridiculous! I've let the boys play out back a couple of days not really thinking of the consequences but slowly we Dylan complained of a sore throat a couple of times and Shane and I both kept getting head aches I realized how serious this could actually be. Luckily we have air conditioning so we don't have to open the windows (yes it is still getting in the upper 80+ this late into September which is unusual for us) but they boys are getting restless. So what's a mom to do when her boys are just dying of boredom? Why let them build an obstical course indoors! Several times Dylan asked for help because he thought he couldn't do it and several times I reminded him that this was his special project. Imagine his delight when he came up with the whole course himself and even let his brother run it too. Fortunately I did see some blue sky this morning before the smoke started to rise so hopefully we are out of this daze soon. I want to enjoy this warm weather before we are stuck inside again because of the cold temperatures.

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