Friday, September 7, 2012

Yee-Hawing Good Time

A Guest Post by Lincoln Sadler loosely translated by Mommy (He has decided that a nap on the way home from errands is all he needs and has been by my side all day, except at the coffee shop for our school date.)

I got to go the the fair with Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, Baby Dub (like the first part of the letter W) and even Papa came. I liked the parade but eating the candy was my favorite part. The rides at the fair were so fun. Even Baby Dub got to go on his first ride. It was hot. I liked the dragon ride. Bubby rode a bucking bronco. I got to see big cows and pet sheep. I did tickle bugs to the sheep. I like the fair.

The older boys waiting for the parade to start.

Obviously, Warner thought the parade was great.

Too much candy!

Finally awake.

Feeding the baby during the parade
 Ok enough with the parade pictures, I get it... but they are cute and no one was moving so it works.
First ride of the day, the dragon ride.

So Happy!

Just after riding the bull!

Warner on his first carousel ride.

Lincoln trying to be independent.

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