Monday, October 8, 2012

Cousin Love

My boys just love their cousins. 

Luke (my sister's boy) and Lincoln are shaping up to be two peas in a pod and I love seeing all the boys play together. We went over to visit them some weekend ago and they just wanted to play and play and it made me so happy to see the love. 

Lukey is so happy to share his jumparoo with Warner (who also loved being IN the jumparoo)
We also had a visit from my cousin Marisa's son, Caleb... except it wasn't really him. His grandma sent up "Flat Caleb" to take pictures with his cousins. Lincoln and Caleb are just a month or so apart in age so it would be fun to see them play together too. This weekend we are going to think of some other funny ideas for pictures to take with him before we mail him on to other cousins but I thought this one was cute so far. 

The Sadler boys with Caleb. 

Dylan also has some cousins he loves to play with on his biological dad's side of the family who are a bit older but he still loves to hang out with them too. 

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  1. Thanks for "enjoying" this with me, Shannon. I really miss seeing your kids grow up! You are an awesome mom! Love your family!