Monday, October 1, 2012

Signs You Live with a Toddler

Last night I looked around my house and realized that it wouldn't be hard to tell I live with someone constantly "decorating" in their own toddler way. Not it's not the bright plastic toys in the living room or the hotwheels on the bedroom floor, it's the creative evidence I am finding. Take exhibit one. 

Lincoln decided that the baby food on the counter given to us by a friend would look much better in a fancy tower. When I took this picture I didn't even notice the half eaten apple put back in the fruit bowl at first. That's my kid for you. 

Exhibit two. How do you like the fancy candle stacking in my bathroom accompanied by a Curious George bath book. Shane and I both agree that the man in the yellow hat must have some kind of patience because George is really not a good monkey and gets in trouble way too much for our liking.

Exhibit three. Why is there a sand bucket on my windowsill? I did have those candles flanking the vase but now they are stacked oh so neatly in the bucket. This kid...

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