Friday, October 5, 2012

Woes of the Hunting Widow

I opened up the photo program on my computer and suddenly there were tons of pictures like this. Deer, elk, butts of dear or elk or whatever other wild animal is running around. The night vision shots. The shots of random people walking by... 
It's that time of year again when my man packs up and goes off hunting with his buddies. The women left behind have come up with the term "hunting widow" and I agree. It's not so much the week (this year only a 4 day weekend and a 2 day trip) that he is in the mountains but it's the weeks leading up to it. The trips to go up and salt and put up the trail camera, the scouting day trips, the day to go set up camp the weekend before, the new equipment needed, the shopping trip to get food, etc etc etc. It is a long process and he doesn't even go as often as other people. It is definitely not my cup of tea but I guess I have gotten used to cooking with wild game so there is one benefit I see. If all the kids weren't sick I don't think it would be as hard to deal with this weekend either. It used to be fun to have a week to have the house to myself but now with all these kids I just feel like I am a bummer about it. I want him to be here with me, whah! 

ok pout over.


  1. Good out tho. Well done.

    Love you sweetie


  2. Does Shane ever appear on the camera? :) sorry you had a hard weekend. Love you