Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 15

The gift of a brother.

Half way through the month and I am so thankful for brother love. I love that my boys have siblings to play with and love on. Sure they poke and bite, irritate each other and get in plenty of trouble together but they also have each other for the great and even just good times which happen all the time. My older two boys have been sleeping together in the same full sized bottom bunk bed for quite a few months now by choice. This morning when I went to wake Dylan up for school they were talking to each other in their sleep. Something about not wanting to go into the water. Now that Danielle is all grown up and out of the house they don't get to play with her as much (plus she's not super into playing anymore) but not to worry because we had another baby to fill the gap. I get to see them being sweet to the baby and as Warner is growing up they are all interacting together. Dylan and Lincoln are so close even though they are 5 years apart in age. I hope they can continue to stay that way. As Warner gets to be able to run around and play I'm sure he will fit right in with the bunch. Even now when I am trying to finish up the laundry or some other task I will ask the boys to entertain the baby and they lovingly do. Sometimes they will even beg to hold him. I don't think that will last much longer but it is still sweet.

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  1. They are so awesome and that is definitely something to be thankful for. I hope they grow up to love each others as adults as much as all you kids do.