Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 17-21

I am thankful that in the world of everything, keeping up on my blog posts is not something that I am going to stress about. I have them planned, I just have been busy making fake mistletoe, taking care of the house and trying to keep Shane sane. He has worked more in two days than he usually does in a week, but hey it's Peak and can be expected.

Day 17
I am thankful for tv. Yes it is a big waste of time, but sometimes it is nice to veg out and watch a funny show (Tuesday nights are our favorites), Top Chef, or the Chew and the boys like to watch their shows too. Also Lincoln is big into movies right now... but it is always the same ones over and over.

Day 18
I am thankful for God. For His mercy, for His grace, for His salvation. I am thankful that I have a church that I can go to freely and can talk to anyone about. I am thankful that Lincoln now goes to his class without a big ordeal. I am thankful that Shane and I have the same beliefs and can raise our kids that way. I am thankful that I have someone to go to when no one else in this world seems to understand.

Day 19
I am thankful for food. And cooking. And cooking shows. And that I have the ability to learn, observe, look up recipes and somewhat recreate them for my family. Cooking is therapeutic for me... not actually getting dinner on the table with two+ whiny kids starving to death... but the figuring out my menu, getting the food, making it taste good part. I am also getting in to baking more which is fun but Shane doesn't like because he thinks I am trying to sabotage him. I still don't like making pie crusts or other "get the counter and the whole kitchen messy" kind of baking though. Too much energy for this momma.

Day 20
I am thankful for our palace. Our manufactured home on .17 acres. It isn't anything fancy but we take care of it and it is perfect for us. We dream of the day when we can move out and away from some of the neighbors but overall it is a wonderful place for us to be in. We have a fenced yard, two big living rooms, a big kitchen and enough rooms for all of us to sleep. There are things I wish for but they won't actually make my life better so I am satisfied with our little slice of heaven.

Day 21
I am thankful for the ability to be creative - sometimes-. I love that the boys and I can come up with an idea and spend a few hours, or days, playing it. We had a "nest" for a few days and the boys slept in it twice. Big bird's next had to get repaired after a hurricane destroyed it on Sesame Street so Lincoln wanted a nest of his own. We also had an indoor hopscotch-a-thon. We don't have a driveway to use chalk on and playing in the street isn't always my favorite thing so we just make one on the carpet in tape and I didn't even have to get out of my pajamas.

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