Friday, December 7, 2012

Crafty Christmas Snack Pizza Dough Shapes

So I doubled my first ever attempt at pizza dough in the bread machine with a recipe I found here and it turned out great. So great that I made it again the next day when I had friends coming over for lunch. Easy and quick (other than the 2.5 hours the machine does the work). I handed a chunk to Dylan and one to Lincoln and let them get to work. Dylan decided to make a candy cane so we put red colored sprinkles on one of the snakes and then twirled it around a plain one and easy, done. Lincoln wanted a Christmas tree (thankfully red and green were the only colors of sprinkles I had so I didn't have to get too creative) so I made a triangle shape and let him go wild. Notice he is fully clothed for once in this picture. 
Letting them do their own thing and trying not to micromanage.

Posing with their final products.

Momentary brotherly love. 

And this is how Lincoln waited to get his snack out of the oven. He just decided he was ready for a bath.

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  1. I just LOVE that the boys have so much fun together.