Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Tree

Sunday night we decided to get that tree up and decorate. Some fantastic movie was on that the boys could barely tear themselves away from was on (Kung Fu Panda if you must know, and just just watched it on tv last week too) so it took forever to get them in the living room but we finally did and oh let the fun begin. I mean obviously, look at Warner’s face. It was hot in the family room because Shane likes to make raging fires and sweat us all out so two of the three boys weren’t wearing shirts. In December. Oh well.
Warner not decorating tree

Dylan was very serious about the whole process. He unwrapped all of our ornaments and laid them out on the couch and floor so all we had to do was grab and hang. I didn’t actually tell him he was helping do the boring part for me – wink wink-

Dylan decorating tree 2012

I’m not sure why this is the only picture I have of the finished product because it is so blurry but there you have it. We threw some rope lights around the bottom because we only had clear lights on the tree and thought it needed just a little crazy jazz.
Blurry finished product

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