Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Or if you give your baby a bite of pudding, he’ll grunt for another. Then when you give him another you will laugh out loud because he is so cute and realize that no one else is around and you kind of look like a lunatic laughing at your baby. Then because you are worried that you are turning into a lunatic you take out your camera to document the occasion because you think your husband might be sad he missed such a funny thing in your youngest and final child’s life. Then you keep wondering why your camera won’t take a picture, but it’s because you are still in video mode from taking a video of your baby sword fighting. Then you get the pictures, show your husband and realize that he thinks it’s cute but not as much as you hoped, so you get on your blog and share it with the world because you know someone else out there will appreciate the cuteness that is a baby with pudding face. Then you have more pudding. warner punning 2Warner pudding 3

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