Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marshmallows and Cheerios: Fine Motor Activity

Since it is the holiday season we have a plethora of marshmallows in the house. Sure I buy them for s'mores in the summer but I don't usually have three (3!) different types at one time. There are the big jumbo ones because we are going to make snowmen snacks out of them. We have the mini ones for normal hot chocolate and 3D house building with toothpicks. I also found these cute little ones just because I can't get over how tiny they are. So Lincoln likes to think that marshmallows make good snacks and also like to think that he can just help himself in the kitchen. He got a whole bowl of dry cheerios out for himself yesterday so I got out the toothpicks and mini mallows and let him get to work. This activity helps with fine motor skills while keeping a busy boy entertained. I forget he still has little chubby toddler hands so the pictures turned out extremely adorable in my opinion. I have a strange fixation with pictures of my kids hands being cute (If you remember my photography final two years ago) so I kept taking pictures. 

The toothpick was just short enough to stay interesting until it was full. 

Oh yum yum

Lincoln wanted to skip the Cheerios after a while and just stick marshmallows on the ends.

And of course take a break and eat some too.
Check out the concentration - tongue sticking out!

What a happy boy. I promise his haircut doesn't look that bad in real life.

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