Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Sew T-Shirt Headbands

Lincoln didn't want to be part of this situation.
Ugh I have been growing out my bangs for all of Warner's life and they are killing me. Lucking the high ballerina bun trend has assisted in me getting them out of my face but I was ready for a change. Insert the amazing headband idea here. Seriously, what could be easier. I had planned to sew them and even found great idea on Pinterest... but getting the sewing machine out with the boys awake and trying to keep them off of it just didn't sound fun at all. So what did I do? Pull out the trusty glue gun. Yup, I made two head bands with a few scraps of old shirts, a button and a glue gun. Plus I had a few rosettes left from the crafty wreath earlier this month. They are almost even cute enough to give away as a crafty Christmas gift. Except I don't have anything like it and want to keep them for myself!

  •  First you measure your head or figure out how much fabric it will take to wrap around your head snugly. Also when you stretch the material, it will naturally curl in a little so make sure that side is outward so it can curl a little around your head rather than underneath and be a constant pain. 
  • Then I put it on my head and figured out where I wanted the doodad to go on the band and made a little mark. I glued that part on first. 
  • After a minute to let it set up I overlapped the ends and added a small strip of glue to whatever side would end up on the inside. Press the two sides together and smooth out. And that's it. You are done. 

Glitter spray paint: a cheap way to jazz up anything.

I also used glitter spray paint on the rosette to give it a little sparkle. Hey I have three boys, I need a little girly in my life!

Now he's in the headband bandwagon.

Two models, obviously!

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  1. Haha...cute. But Linc will HATE that picture when he's grown. Be sure to save it for high school!!