Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With The Old

So it's new years eve and I'm trying to put the house back together after Christmas and purge some of our complete excess. The kids got so much for Christmas. We got so much. We added to how much we had. We decided to get rid of a piece of furniture and realized how much junk it was storing. I picked up my diaper bag the other day and realized I am carrying around the weight of an additional child. Yikes! I picked an extra roomy diaper bag because I knew I would need to haul a lot of stuff... but really I don't need to keep the junk. Yes I do keep a change of clothes for both boys, my little coupon holder and some emergency snacks but among other things I was carrying around:
  • 6 pens
  • 2 ketchup packets and one ranch cup
  • 3 lip glosses and a lip stick
  • 3 coupons for Goodwill
  • a size 5 diaper (Lincoln hasn't been in them in months)
  • sunscreen
  • several grocery lists and store receipts
  • at least 5 baby toys
  • about 1/4 cup worth of assorted cereal, snack and trail mix bits in the bottom of the bag

I like being prepared but next year I am going to resolve to not over do it and make more work for myself.

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