Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Playing (and learning) in the Snow

Yay! We finally got more snow since that random stuff back in October. After taking what felt like and hour but was probably closer to twenty minutes we were all bundled and headed out to play in the snow. I had to take a picture of Warner making his first snow angel. Lincoln didn't want to sit still because he had too much exploring to do. Plus a snowflake got in Warner's eye so he wasn't too happy about this situation either. But I had to get a picture because I remember doing the same thing with Linc when he was a baby. So funny to see how they change, or how similar the are!

Warner on left and Lincoln on right 12/14/12

Lincoln on left and Dylan on right 11/23/10

We practiced making foot prints. We figured out which one was Mommy's and which one was Lincoln's by what size they were. We made foot prints in straight lines. We made circle footprints. I even made a flower. I tried to hype up making Lincoln's first snowman. He was all about it until I got an inch or two off the ground and then he kept wanting to kick it down so I gave up and moved on to writing in the snow. We made cool designs with pointy pinecones. I wrote out his name and then all the kids' names. He thought it was pretty cool. And then he was done. 

I kept Warner in the stroller where he could watch everything but I could still play with Lincoln.

Playing in the road, this kid always pushes the limits!


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  1. Wheeee!!!!! Love the chronicling of all the 'events'.