Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warner Month Seven

Seven months. Seven Months! My baby is seven months old. That is more than half a year. Where is the time going? I'm not sure but being grouchy or wishing I had more sleep isn't the answer so I'm working hard this month on being intentional with my time with each boy, being playful and being generous to the people around us. 
Warner is such a delightful baby. He is easy going (except when someone else is holding him and I come in the room) and likes to see and do what his brothers are doing. He is smiley and cuddly. He is also teething so that makes for fun when he thinks I am a teether while he is eating. He screams, but he thinks it is for fun. He is just learning the "if I drop it, Mommy will pick it up" game. He likes staring at the Christmas tree and the ceiling fan. His favorite things to play with are things that make a crinkly sound or his little rubber toy snake - since it is so good to chew on. 
He likes to eat little baby snacks broken in half but just can't quite get them in his mouth yet. He just figured out splashing in the bath and that's a whole new world of fun. He gives kisses and plays peekaboo with me but he's just not ready to sleep through the night yet. I also had to break out the 12 month clothes just to dig out sleepers because he was literally breaking open the snaps in the middle of the night, I guess because he is so big. He doesn't seem that big to me but hey I can argue with a sleeper that has come off the legs... like this:

So I forgot to put my 7 month sticker out during our professional photo shoot but by the time I realized Shane thought I had already put the boy through enough torture and decided to scrap it and just remember this was his time. Luckily, just like his brothers, Warner hammed it up for the camera and gave me some over-the-top pictures. 

Something over there was very interesting (maybe the dog) but you can sure see his hair coming in here.

Big smiles and big blue eyes.

He's starting to fill up the chair a little more eh?
My sister blogs too (although mainly baby updates now because Luke is about as fun as Lincoln is) and  it is almost unbelievable that her baby is going to be One in a few more weeks. This time is so rewarding but that seriously I can't believe our babies are growing so fast. Lincoln is not a baby anymore. He's barely even a toddler still. I can have -almost- adult conversations with Dylan. Ah time slow down!

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