Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrapping Made Easier

I am not a late night, Christmas Eve kind of wrapper. I mean if I rapped about Christmas I would be a pretty cool mom I guess... but when it comes to wrapping I do a little here and a little there. Getting out the tape from one drawer, the scissors from another and then the ribbon from the closet gets tiring pretty quick especially if I want to bang out a present or two during nap time or some other time I get five minutes to myself. Enter my wrapping bag. Sure you can use a cute basket to blend with the decor, or use whatever you have. Now I can practically wrap on the run. My kit includes tape, scissors, a pen, gift tags and ribbon. I've also thrown the bows in now too. I also put in wrapping paper scraps because I always seem to find something tiny to wrap at a later time. 

Of course if you give ribbon to your baby to occupy him for just a second, you will end up with a mess like this. But hey you got one thing done right?

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