Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bringing the Snow Inside

Lincoln is finally old enough to have a fascination with snow, and luckily we've had plenty around lately to explore. Unfortunately, I'm such a buzzkill because I won't let him play in it all day every day. Oh the bundling up, keeping the baby warm, keeping Lincoln from getting stuck in piles, bundling down, cleaning up drippy footprints all over the floor idea just makes me sigh. So what's a mom to do?
Bring the snow inside for a little cold exploration. I got out my trusty roasting pan and scooped up several cups from outside the front door. I also gather some sand toys and Lincoln picked out a car and he went to town. Scooping, shaping, eating, driving, smashing, enjoying it all. We also made a "cat hat" snowman because apparently the only snow man he could think of was from The Cat in the Hat show on PBS. The regular sized snow man outside didn't stand a chance since he kept kicking it down but this one hung out in the corner the whole time. I did replenish the snow once because it melted so quickly from the heat of the wood stove but even after it melted, Lincoln still had fun playing in the water. And sneaking a sip every now and then.