Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Bathroom Decor Idea

 Shel Silverstein had been one of my favorite childhood poets and I have been relishing the fact that I get to pass his work on to my kids. One of my most favorite poems he wrote is below:
Somehow I feel like this is our bathtub when all of the boys are in there together. In a good way though. For years I have imagined drawing the image and printing the poem on a canvas and putting it in the kids' bathroom. Because I don't happen to have any canvases or much random free time on my hands I just copied the page from his book A Light in the Attic. I found an old frame and took out the picture that was in there (unfortunately it had been in there so long it was stuck to the glass so I had to toss both). I found a piece of scrapbook paper I had lying around and then I cut it down the copy to the right size. I taped the copy to the scrapbook paper and put the backing cardboard back in the frame and hung on an existing nail in the bathroom. Now there is a little bit of free whimsy in the bathroom and no big blank space on the wall. 

Sorry my pictures aren't great. It has been overcast for weeks here and not much natural light is getting into the house so the pictures have been less than ideal. 

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