Monday, January 21, 2013

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

You can't even tell that I got like 3 hours of sleep and have been puked on countless times this weekend, right. Right?
Oh bangs... it's the one love/hate relationship in my life. I love them because my face is a little long an boring without them. The also make a hairstyle more fun. I hate them because they get greasy fast and I have a widow's peak so they get a little funky easily and then you have to pin them out of the way if you don't want them hanging in your eyes. I had been growing them out for months (ok almost a year) and they were pretty much gone but the love finally returned when I chopped them this morning. I am happy to have them back. Will I regret it and grow them out again in the future, probably. But for now they are back. The only thing I wasn't expecting was for them to be brown! Yikes. My hair dye has grown out so much that there wasn't any blonde in my bangs... I didn't get too much sun this summer with the new baby and haven't been into a professional hair person in over three years. Double yikes. Not sure if I'm ready to join team brown or if I will get highlights or something. If I keep letting my natural color go, in theory some time soon I will have Ombre hair which people are actually paying big bucks for in the salons. I don't get it but whatever.
By the way, bang trimming is super easy. I pretty much always cut my own hair because we are cheap frugal and this is one thing I will never pay someone to do. To avoid the blunt bang look, hold whatever amount of hair you want to cut in front of you between two fingers. With sharp scissors cut straight up to the length you want. Always start longer than you think you want. You can go shorted but not longer if you mess up.


  1. Wow, it is turning brown. You are gorgeous regardless.

  2. I like it, and I'd love to see what you'd look like with a darker 'do!