Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Savoring the Small Things

Life passes too quickly. We may put off doing something because it would just be easier to do it tomorrow. What if tomorrow doesn't come? We may curse the long nights with an infant, but they suddenly aren't babies anymore and we can never get that time back. The last few days I have really been thinking about this and looking around my house for a few quick examples. 

I may not feel like sitting next to the baby and force feeding him carrots is fun, but soon enough he won't need me to help him any more. He is already on the road to independence so I should savor the time it takes to wipe his chubby little face clean and enjoy the fact that vegetables still make him so happy. 

I may not enjoy my counters being covered in science experiments or other bulky boy products but some day the kids are going to be out of the house and I won't have any good excuses to have these types of cool things around. Magic growing crab and octopus, yes please.

Dinosaurs at lunch? Why not have a few buddies watch you while you slurp some soup. My table won't always be covered with gingerbread men in baker's hats or plastic toys won't always litter the family room floor but for now it's ok to linger at the table just a few minutes longer and just enjoy the giggles that follow.

I won't always have to lug around a suitcase sized diaper bag, or in extreme scenarios, a diaper bag and a  purse. Right now I dislike having to lug around a bag carrying changes of clothes for the two littles, plastic bags, first aid kits, snacks galore, and any other toy or paperwork we might need for the day. But some day in my future I might miss having anything I could possibly need right at hand.

Lincoln was so sick the other day with a ear infection and cold. We even had to get out the nebulizer and give him some breathing treatments for his cough. While time consuming and a huge battle to get him starter, he sat with Shane and just cuddled. Being sick is the pits, but somehow it always involves extra undivided attrntion and time spent with Mom and Dad. Some day he won't need me, so for right now I need to savor the fact that he does.

"We are glad you are home!" That was the last picture I sent to my grandpa. I sent him an email with three pictures of the boys and the sign they made for great Grandpa Poppy after he got out of the hospital last week. I even got a response back from him Thursday night last week. It was so great to know he knew we were thinking of him. Unfortunately the next day he had to go back to the hospital and at this point in time it looks like his end is very near. I was able to talk to him on Monday night and he sounded really good. He told me I was always easy to love and that he always enjoyed my blog. If nothing else all these years I was able to use my blog to keep family updated on our brood. The boys did say hi to him too but I'm not sure if at that time he knew who he was talking to. My great grandpa died when I was pretty young and I only remember him because we had a picture of me with him and the stories my parents told me. Hopefully I have done enough that my boys remember this great man. My dad was able to fly down to California to be by his side and now it is just a waiting game to see when he is sent to Heaven. 

Oh the really small things. Warner loves this wooden spoon. He will carry it all around the house with him, he will bang it on anything that makes a cool sound, he will gnaw on it, he will hit himself and me in the face with it. His precious little buddy. The funny thing is that we have it because Shane bought a set from the dollar store for Lincoln to play with when he was this age and I never got a picture of the two together. Now I have documentation :)

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  1. poignantly appropriate. Thank you. Poppy would love it.