Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teething Can Jump Off A Cliff

I'm so glad I am not teething because it apparently must suck. Poor Warner is just a mess lately. We are finally getting over a hacky, coughy cold and now he is teething like there is no tomorrow. He jams his fists into his mouth when the pacifier isn't in. He chews on everything else. Poor kiddo. I'm doing all I can for him, even trying the amber teething necklace. He didn't sleep as well last night as he did the night before so maybe I need to keep it on him all night long (they say you can double wrap around an ankle to prevent around the neck tangling) so I guess I will do that tonight. What works best for your baby in times of teething tragedy?

His funny old man face.

My little hunk with his naturally faux hawk hair.

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