Friday, January 11, 2013

Warner 8 Months

Look at this smiley little guy! Yes teething has been taking it's toll on him (all of us?) but he is still quite a happy and content little guy. He actually only got up twice last night. Yes I know he is 8 months and should have been sleeping through the night like 25 weeks ago, but he has his own plan. Still no teeth but I swear he has now said "dada" and "mama" but mainly dada. 

He sort of has Eddie Munster hair. He has really long hair on top and it usually goes to a point now since it is too long to put into a little faux hawk. Oh well he's still cute.

He is interested in everything and spent about 10 minutes investigating the little plastic bin the mushrooms came in today while I was trying to make dinner. He wants to eat our food, play with anything in my hands and likes to try to get over to the fire place poker. He is crawling in the most unconventional way possible. He does little baby push ups, lunges forward and then pulls himself with his arms. He'll figure it out eventually but I am in no rush to teach him the easier way :)

He's not a giant on the scale of babies, but my oh my he has got some thighs on him. I can barely squeeze up 12 mo. baby jeans on him. Maybe it's all those strong muscles from trying to stand all the time. He also likes to eat. This week or so he's figured out how to get food into his mouth by himself so now it's fun to watch him try to eat up all the snacks I put on his tray. In true Sadler fashion he like to shovel in one after another. 

Eight Months, that's 3/4 of the way through a year right? Yikes it's hard to believe. His cousin turned a year old yesterday and it's hard to imagine that these boys are growing up and there is nothing we can do about it. My sweet little serious dude. 

Lincoln decided that enough was enough and ripped off the sticker in favor of more jumping off the furniture like a super hero.

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