Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We've Been Eating January

I haven't posted a menu plan in a while, since last year actually (ha ha get that new year joke!) but we obviously have been eating and I still plan a month of menus. With the holidays, then trying to recoup from the holidays and Shane's long hours, and sickness of everyone and so many other things my menu planning changed often, but we still pretty much ate what I had planned. There were also some near disasters, some crafty leftovers, some cheapies and some so healthy I can't believe the boys ate all of it types of dinners. Here is a quick recap: 

Tuna Pot Pie
Chicken pot pie is a yummy, comforting dish familiar in so many kitchens, but I'm not sure why it took me so long to think of this inexpensive idea, swap the chicken for tuna and get a whole new dish. I had some soupy left overs from a tune noodle casserole that Shane and I thought might make an ok pot pie filling. *Word to the wise, don't use egg noodles in the crock pot, just doesn't keep it's texture at all* I also added some curry so it looks really yellow. Well it tasted good and I think because I didn't let it sit long enough after taking it out of the oven it just spread out everywhere and looked horrible. Luckily everyone ate it and when Shane got home from work his portion had firmed up and looked slightly more appealing. 

Prime Rib Stroganoff 
We had this amazing herb and salt crusted prime rib that I had made for our family Christmas dinner. I also had plans to make prime rib dip sandwiches for a planned leftover dinner. But I forgot how good prime rib can be and how big my family is getting so the amount of meat left wasn't what I was expecting. So I improvised. I caramalized some mushrooms, added onion and celery and the chopped up prime rib, a bottle of beer, some au jus, some water, some flour and some sour cream. Spooned over mashed potatoes it was a big hit.

Turkey Chili

I love using dried beans because they are so cheap and they make so much! If you don't count the add ons (we used cheese, sour cream, salsa, hot sauce and the beloved avocado) this meal cost $6.25 and there was enough left for a complete meal for the freezer. 
bag of dried kidney beans, soaked and cooked for 1.5 hours = $1.50
1.25 lbs. ground turkey, browned = $3.50
can of petit diced tomatoes and their juice = $.50
half can of pumpkin puree = $.50
1 cube of chicken bouillon, assorted spices, chopped onion = maybe $.25
3 cups of water = $0

Sweet Potato, Apple and Ham Hash

Yum, my kids love Breakfast for Dinner or B4D as we call it around here. This meal is pretty. Pretty easy, pretty cheap, pretty hearty and only 6 ingredients. I peeled the sweet potato and diced it, the onion and apple into similar sized chunks and sauteed in a pan for several minutes with my favorite McCormick Grill Mates Sweet and Smokey Rub until golden brown. Then I added about 1/4 cup water to help them cook throughly. Add in the diced ham to heat through. Top with a picture perfect sunny side up egg and enjoy.

Baked Salmon with Minted Israeli Cous Cous and Pea Salad
I used this recipe to bake the salmon we caught over the summer and this recipe for the side and the boys ate it up. Well Lincoln didn't like the peas... but last time he ate them so I guess you never know. I couldn't get enough of the cous cous though, so creamy. 

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