Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Candy Heart Sorting

Lincoln has decided he wants to learn nothing from me. Unless I trick him and he doesn't realize he is learning. I hit an after Valentine's day sale at good old Fred Meyer and picked up some candy hearts and knew I could find something to do with them. Enter candy heart sorting in an old egg carton. The little cups are the perfect size for just about any sorting activity. And it is light  and has a lid that somewhat closes so Lincoln can carry it around (or it can go on top of the refrigerator to save for another day).

I tried to start with patterns but Lincoln did not want to bother himself with that. Eating them was way better!

Then we tried matching colors. He still can't identify many colors but we are slowly working on it. He is pretty proficient at matching colors though, so I know something is getting through to him. 

1 comment:

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