Friday, March 15, 2013

Kitchen Lovin'

Not that kind of lovin'... I just realized that a bunch of the pictures we have been taking are all in the kitchen. I mean it makes sense. The kitchen is in the middle of the house. The kitchen has all the food where my never-ending-hungry boys can feast (the days following a grocery run that is). The play kitchen is right next to the kitchen to promote pretend play and distraction for Mom. We eat all of our meals at home. I guess I'd better just get used to it. 
Warner loves the kitchen just his size!
Dylan and friend learning how to make TopRamen all by themselves. 
Warner trying to listen to music on the ipod. 
Both of the littles know that Daddy will give them a bite if they push hard enough.

Who could resist the chocolate smile, even if I haven't edited it yet.

And of course it's a place to get messy and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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