Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pom Pom Sorting

I've come up with many uses for the pom poms I bought from the Dollar Tree months ago. We've used them to throw at each other, the boys have imagined they were ear plugs, Lincoln has pushed them through the opening in a wipes tub, and we've sorted, sorted, sorted. I got the inspiration off of Pinterest (of course!) but here is how we did it. 
First I am learning that he doesn't like to sit and wait for me to set it all up. I find that inviting him to an activity that is ready to go keeps his active mind and body busy for just long enough. So initially sorted five pom poms of each color into a small muffin tin, found the tweezers and added pom poms and a line guide on a plain piece of printer paper. Not only was he practicing squeezing with the tweezers but he also had to match colors and put things in order. 
"Hey come check this out" is what you're thinking, right?

Pinky up, we're that classy.

Lincoln sticks his tongue out like this when he is concentrating *so cute*

Eventually Lincoln figured it was much more efficient to use his fingers and scrapped the tweezers. He's still sorting and practicing skills so who's it going to hurt? 

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