Friday, April 26, 2013

March and April Catch Up

No I haven't been busy with any new business ventures, exciting news or unforeseen circumstances... I've just been feeling exhausted by my seemingly un-exhausting life. This not-so-supermom got worn down by whiney kids, parent group meetings, a mess producing house, all things MOPS and trying to be a supporting wife. Sickness got us down for weeks now (Shane had to take two sick days, why don't moms get sick days?). Both Shane and Warner went into the doctors to see what was going on and apparently nothing but a cold. Luckily we've all had a lot of resting, tv watching and now pumping ourselves with healthy foods, lots of fluids and getting fresh air when we can. Before the sickness hit I actually had my first real paying job in years. I proctored a test at Central Washington University. It was so different to interact with adults and sit in a room in silence for 5 hours. Shane also got the experience of all three boys alone for an entire day ;-) We've also started taking a short parenting class so I have been eagerly applying what I am learning... except I am so accustomed to the days of yelling and what not that it has been slow progress. So yes life has been busy and exciting but also pretty boring. We have Warner's first birthday coming up in two weeks and school letting out in about seven so I realize it's high time I get my act in order. So let's see... here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks:

Warner loved throwing out Easter grass and eggs... and he is STANDING on his own!

Cutie pie at the playground, Off screen is Lincoln  who dropped his shorts and peed in the middle of the field.

All 4 kids.

If you look below Warner's ear and to the left you can see his long curly hairs. He has  one behind each of his ears... maybe all the other long hair rubbed off when he got a bald spot as a baby? Either way it looks like he might be another curly Q like Lincoln.

Lincoln trying to decide what to wear. He has taken to the habit of taking his clothes out of his drawers to see all his options. Lucky mom is trying to teach him how to put the clothes back. 

Lincoln crying because "my first couch" is leaving. 

Warner playing IN his bin of toys.

Potty trained Lincoln thinks it's cool to pee outside, especially off the back deck.  I am so lucky. 

Warner getting wet and wild with the water tray.

My boys. We love the backyard now that the neighbor's dogs are gone! This was about three seconds before Lincoln had enough of Warner trying to climb up to him and pushed him down with his foot causing the baby to get a sweet slide burn on his face. 

My sick cuddly baby. He did not want to let go of that thermometer. 

Lincoln and Dylan after they got hair cuts. We looked up pictures of James Bond's hair in the movie Skyfall as an example for Dylan, my sweet spies.

Me and my babe.

Someone is learning from his older brothers.

Someone else is trying to be creative. Luckily a magic eraser and a little elbow grease on Lincoln's part took it right off. 

Lincoln, Luke and Warner enjoying a cousin visit and playing with the new couch.