Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Counting Down to One

Yep, both of these pictures were on the same day, just before I had Lincoln. I thought it was Warner when I started posting this and then realized we wouldn't have been swimming in the lake in April around here. Oh well still funny to see old pictures downloaded from Shane's phone to remind how fast my babies grow up. Mothering - the things we do to our bodies!
Yikes Warner is almost one! My baby is moving into the toddler stage and it makes me a little sad. Don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful that he started sleeping through the night this last week, and he's finally not going through as much separation anxiety, and he can self feed most things and follow his brothers around, but he is walking and responding to me and turning into a big boy right before my eyes! These boys sure have me on my toes. 
Laughing with Sissy the last time she was in town.

So happy to be eating - sent this to my brother - I <3 my Uncle bib from when I had Dylan.

Holding his own juice cup, almost outgrown his infant car seat :(


  1. Do you know his height/weight stats? I'm SO afraid that Simon is going to outgrow his infant seat before we can afford to upgrade!

  2. Can't wait to celebrate his birthday with you all. Momma