Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who dresses these kids?

Ok so this picture is adorable. Warner has amazing blue eyes and is getting the cutest little hair do... but I mean seriously, who lets their kid play with a wooden spoon constantly?

Who lets their kid wear a bat man shirt, farmer hat and clip on tie for a walk through the neighborhood?

Who lets their kid dress themselves and put their entire outfit on backwards? Usually the shoes are on the wrong feet too, but I think he got it right this time. At least he's wearing a helmet.

This mom, that's who. If they like something and it's not causing a problem, I'm learning to just let things happen. Giving over control will help me win wars not battles. Kids want to be in control of their lives and letting them make safe choices is one of the best ways for them to learn. Just finished up a course through Love & Logic and I definitely recommend looking into it!

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  1. I learned that concept of not dying on the mismatched clothes mountain later than you. Good job Shannon!