Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Housewives of Ellensburg

One of my guilty pleasures are shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and the like. In this show "real" housewives (complete with plastic surgery, nannies, mansions and 100,000 cars) live out their exotic daily lives. I love to see how fancy they get on a daily basis and the petty drama that plagues their daily lives. 
In my reality things are a bit different. 

Everyone eats Life cereal for breakfast - and loves it. 

We celebrate the little things, like the last Friday of second grade. Oh silly brothers. 

The face that Warner makes when he is trying to be funny. 

Lincoln covering his eyes during the smooching scene of Rio at Family Movie Night at the elementary school. No racy stuff here. 

Oh wait, I do get all fancy every now and then. This is the real housewives of Ellensburg. My local MOPS group put on an end of the year masquerade ball as a fun night for couples. We got to get dressed up and dance the night away. No acrylic nails or blow outs, but it was fun to put on a pair of heels for once. 

Wow, Shane sure cleans up good!

One way to get in some beauty sleep, I let Lincoln put a sheet of stickers on my arm so I could lay down on the couch for five minutes. He thought it was pretty awesome. 

Warner decided that rather than cry over spilled milk, he would just slurp it off of his tray. 

Dylan, my little rock climber. As a fun way to end the school year, they bring in a mobile climbing wall and each class gets turns trying it out. Look at that determination. 

Dylan with friends on the second to last day of Second Grade. 

All three boys playing during recess. They are all getting TOO big. 

So there you have it. Nothing glamorous, but this is what real housewives do all day. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Warner's B-day belated pictures

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Obvious

Kids will be kids. Sometimes mine drive me up the wall but I am still realizing that every day is one less that I will get to spend with them at this age. When Warner is crying (seemingly) incessantly and needs to be held all the time because he is getting four teeth in at once I need to stop and realize that he needs me. I am the one and only person in the world that gets this responsibility to be his mommy. When Lincoln is running away from me in the grocery store loudly proclaiming that he needs to go poop in the potty, I am the one and only person in the world that gets this responsibility to be his mommy. When Dylan is having a hard day because he says no one was nice to him and he's only the third highest at math in his class, I hug him because I am the one and only person in the world that gets this responsibility to be his mommy. Sure my kids are a handful, but my hands are pretty big and they are getting a little bit more coordinated at this parenting thing. Instead of complaining all the time I took some time to look through the things that make my boys great. The little things that God provided so I don't completely lose my mind :)

They all have a unique sense of humor. Lincoln trying not to smile while he starts to figure out how to "pump" on a swing. 

At least they are all good for someone at the grocery store (Daddy took them all by himself and sent me this picture). 

They all have a great sense of self confidence. That tiny blue figure at the end of the grass line is Warner exploring. This is probably the farthest he has knowingly and purposely gotten away from me. 

They have a piece of my heart and a little of my looks. 

They all three sleep in the car at the same time, every now and then. 

They mostly eat their vegetables without complaint. Lincoln loves broccoli more than anything and really, can I complain about that? I have promised the boys that as long as I have some in the fridge, I will never tell them they cannot have any more vegetables. They seem to think that is pretty cool. 

My die hard spirited child is potty trained fully, including underwear at night, before he was even three. What? Yes, I fully thank God for one easy thing with this one!