Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh yeah I have a blog! Lincoln's Birthday, 4th of July and Camping.

Yes, I'm still alive! It's been pretty busy and we are in the midst of summer but I've just been taking time to take care of the kiddos and myself and get things back on track. We just got back from a much needed vacation, some camping, some birthdays and some other life stuff that got in the way of blogging. But here we are. Hopefully I won't be reposting any ideas or pictures but it's been so long since I've posted things are already fuzzy :) We started of July pretty wild! 

Lincoln and Dylan were wrestling around with each other and some how Lincoln's arm got hurt. After X-rays and hours in the ER nothing was really confirmed and he got a splint wrapped arm and a sling for a few days. 

The cool X-ray of his bones, he was so excited to see what things looked like on the inside.

Daddy met us after he got off work and helped walk Lincoln out.

Luckily having one arm didn't keep him from doing much. He still wanted to try and help mop.

And he was still curious. Here he is using his foot to hold a padlock and a key with the other hand.

But don't worry, Lincoln turned three very happily. We had a fun day and even did fireworks a day early to celebrate.

It was pretty cold and windy so we bundled up to watch fireworks. Don't worry, the weather didn't seem to keep him from peeing in the bushes.

Shane took the day after the 4th off, so we had a nice long weekend and went camping. We invited up 4 other families and my in-laws as well and hand a great time enjoying the great outdoors and celebrating Lincoln's birthday. He wanted an American flag cake so I delivered, with blueberries and red sprinkles on vanilla frosting. We also had sliced watermelon and ice cream to round out the party.

Lincoln had a ton of presents and loved all the cool stuff he got. 

 I love how great Lincoln is when he smiles!

Oh wait I have other kids too. Here all the kids are, with the boys all in the same bright colors each day so it was just a little bit easier to find them and make sure no one wandered off throughout the weekend. Danielle was able to come up and hang out too so we always love having her around (and yes I am wearing a Darth Vader voice changing mask in this picture). 

Slightly blurry but a cute picture of the boys. 

My little three year old cheese ball. 

We found a shallow stream to play in and the kids loved wading around the the ice cold water. 

 Yet another peeing venture in the bushes. 

 My sissy came out for the day, unfortunately this is really the only picture I have of her and Lukey being there. 

Shane and Warner hanging out around the campfire. Too bad you still have to take naps in the wild. 

Too bad there is always proof of eating dirt. 

 The boys love sharing the same bed, too bad they don't always give each other that much room. 

 Free Sluprees at 7-11. Took the kids and two kids Danielle was babysitting to get them, whoohoo!

 Warner loved the icy cold slush, his hair had a great time in the wind ;)