Monday, September 30, 2013

Embracing Our Unique Children

Here's the article I wrote for my monthly MOPS newsletter. If you are interested in reading the whole newsletter it and many other things can be found at the Ellensburg MOPS website. 

"I have three boys. Three chances for perfect little carbon copies I can shape and mold any way I like. Except each child is unique and there is nothing I can do about it!
I have one child who saw all of his school pictures lines up from the last few years and said, “Oh it’s so cute, I almost want to cry!” I have one child that can sit and stare at a tv screen for hours (if I were to actually allow that sort of thing, right?) with his tongue hanging out but can’t stop running around long enough to color in a picture. I also have another child who loves carrying around different tools of sorts, a wooden spoon, a Swiffer or this week, screwdrivers, wherever he goes.
Each of my boys live in the same house, they even sleep in the same room, they eat the same food, they all share the same toys, but they are so different from each other. God has called each of our children to be uniquely themselves and we as mothers have to do our best to meet the needs of each individual child. What works with one kid won’t work with another so as a mom we have to keep evolving and trying to nurture our kids in whatever way is best for them. And sometimes we have to just let them take a nap with a screwdriver." 

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