Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The process of eating

Learning how to self feed was quite the process for Warner. He loves food but never really liked me feeding him. He is a self-started, an independent spirit and is always doggone hungry! Shane took a bunch of pictures of him eating a smoothie the other day and in each picture you can almost read his thoughts through the expression in his eyes. Get in my belly.

Finishing up drinking straight from the cup.

Hum maybe I'll try a spoon.

Gotta get this stuff.

Not sure if it will fit in my mouth, better open wider. 

Yum so good.

Get that camera out of my face, I'm eating. 

Warner also thinks he likes coffee. So much so that he want just a drink from my coffee all the time. He once came walking into the kitchen from the living room sipping my coffee. (fortunately it was lukewarm by this time) Not a drop on him, I was pretty impressed he got it off the window ledge behind the sofa, climbed down and walked into the kitchen. So impressed that I forgot all about it until I sat down again. Right into a massive puddle of coffee. Since I was already wet I just sat there for a few more moments, trying not to curse my curious toddler, soaking up what I could with my jeans. Oh the life of a child. So innocent, so much trouble. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Day 2014

My boys are rough. They fight and play fight and fight playingly. The are tough on everything. The are boys in every sense of the word. But get them out in the snow too long and oh baby they come crumbling down. Warner is probably the toughest so far. He loves to eat "snowballs" or any snow found anywhere, especially parking lots and the front driveway, where we spend the majority of our snow experience I guess. The boys love the idea of playing in the snow but oh my gosh when it takes 20 minutes to get them out there and I'm not sure if we even play that long it can be frustrating. I want them to stay warm so of course we put on gloves and hats and shirts and jackets and snowsuits and snow boots and warm socks etc. etc. etc. Yes it reminds me of that scene in A Christmas Story. I'm grumpy because I have to go out with them because who know when the last time the dog foo was cleaned out of the back yard and no one wants to accidentally step in something out there. But I put all of that aside and get my lazy behind up away from the coffee because something magical happens... Hopefully these pictures can show just an glimpse of how much the boys enjoyed themselves for those few minutes we were outside. Warner kept eating snow and stomping and falling and just having fun. Lincoln loved trying to walk on the snow covered rocks and brush it off of the cars and plow through it with his pusher car. Dylan was at school so I don't have him included in this magical moment but I'm sure he would have liked it.
Warner trying to get his snow legs. Those big boots had him falling all over the place but he didn't seem to mind. 

We tried to spray the snow blue with a little food coloring in a spray bottle. If we do it again I would use a lot more coloring in the water so it doesn't take so much time to get anything to show. Since it wasn't as cool as I was hoping, we just wrote Seahawks with the water instead. Lincoln tried to mush it before I could get a good picture, but that's what kids are for. 

Blue snow!

Look at those baby blues.

So excited to brush snow off the van door handles. 


Oh that dimple. 

I believe this was after I was pulling the boys around on the sled at the end of our court. Fun mom here was trying to go fast and Warner flew off and got a face full of snow... luckily no other neighbors were outside to witness the incident. 

The boys are always near each other but most of the time don't actually play together yet. 

Lincoln checking out the tire tracks in the snow.


Warner with cool picture effects.

A boy and his sled.

He loves pulling or hanging things off his arms. 

Too cute for words.

Yes, I learned to enjoy the things that seem like a crappy idea at first. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What?!?! Mid-February and no posts in 2014..

I know, crazy right? Hey it's not called Adventures of our perfect, well-behaved, by the book life. We still have been getting messy. We have been adventuring, creating, lounging, yelling, cooking, playing, kissing yowchies, and trying to get through a frigid, yet snowless winter.
Warner ate banana cream pie off the floor at Papa's. At least he used utensils, normally he will just get down on his stomach to slurp something up. 

My dad and Shane went to the Seahawks playoff game against the Saints. 

The boys have too many toys! Is it illegal to not buy them toys for their birthday? Maybe one big gift or an experience instead. 

We got the cutest family picture in my sister's back yard on Thanksgiving. 

Brother helped little brother with preschool over Christmas break. 

Warner's selfie with Daddy and gunga (what he calls him pacifier) 

Warner with Mommy and gunga - one day we'll get rid of that thing, right now is not then. 

Totally blurry hotel fun at Great Wolf Lodge. iphone in dark hotel room doesn't give us the best quality photos. 

Yes that is a faux log cabin in our hotel room! We love going to Great Wolf Lodge in Grandmound, WA but usually just get a room with two queen beds. This time we only had the boys with us and it was during their special winter program and final days of a promotion so it was pretty crowded and we ended up getting a fancier room. The Kids Cabin had a cool bunk bed and twin bed in that little room. plus an extra tv so it was almost like we had two rooms. It is such a fun place and we love having access to the attached water park, arcade, restaurants and some free events, but it can be exhausting too. 

It's been cold here but there has only been like 3 days of snow this whole winter. Some days we have enjoyed the sunshine so much that it almost feels warm enough to play in the sandbox with only long-sleeved shirt (or Iron Man costumes) in the back yard. 

Our Christmas lights are still up, but since we had a Seahawks theme going and they kept winning, we kept them up. Luckily this was the year they WON THE SUPERBOWL! Yay team. People in Seattle are pretty crazy about it. We are pretty crazy about it.
The boys had a movie two watch since football isn't their favorite ... yet. Nani and Grandpa Larry even got them Super Bowl shirts since the youngest two didn't get an awesome jersey like Dylan did for Christmas.