Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The process of eating

Learning how to self feed was quite the process for Warner. He loves food but never really liked me feeding him. He is a self-started, an independent spirit and is always doggone hungry! Shane took a bunch of pictures of him eating a smoothie the other day and in each picture you can almost read his thoughts through the expression in his eyes. Get in my belly.

Finishing up drinking straight from the cup.

Hum maybe I'll try a spoon.

Gotta get this stuff.

Not sure if it will fit in my mouth, better open wider. 

Yum so good.

Get that camera out of my face, I'm eating. 

Warner also thinks he likes coffee. So much so that he want just a drink from my coffee all the time. He once came walking into the kitchen from the living room sipping my coffee. (fortunately it was lukewarm by this time) Not a drop on him, I was pretty impressed he got it off the window ledge behind the sofa, climbed down and walked into the kitchen. So impressed that I forgot all about it until I sat down again. Right into a massive puddle of coffee. Since I was already wet I just sat there for a few more moments, trying not to curse my curious toddler, soaking up what I could with my jeans. Oh the life of a child. So innocent, so much trouble. 

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