Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best Friends by Force

We weren't necessarily planning on having two under two initially but now that we are almost two year into it and survived the newborn stage, I can say with confidence that it is possible and we are starting to see some benefits. 
Lincoln, the two year old and my middle boy, wanted nothing to do with his baby brother Warner. He knew a baby was taking everyone's attention, including his beloved oldest brother. He admires and tries to be exactly like his older brother most of the time. Until recently the two youngest wouldn't even play together. Warner was too young to understand play. Lincoln was too busy to be bothered by a baby. When school started I was home alone with the two little boys for hours on end and they were forced to spend time digging in the sand box together, destroying each other's block fortresses, trading colds and playing tiger tag. Lincoln has been doing much more preschool with me and we always make sure to include Warner if he isn't napping. They are slowly learning to share and look out for each other. They are choosing to do similar things together. They have learned if they work together they have more power against me ha ha. 
Luckily for me, with a little time and ingenuity the two brothers have started to interact with more confidence and really love each other. They still have their moments but I think with more time they will become best friends without me forcing their hand. 

Playing at the new park in Kittitas. 

Painting on a double sided easel. Neither one likes to paint/draw/color
much but their attention spans are getting a little better every day. 

The day they gave them selves cool arm tattoos with markers.
Lincoln decided to wear arm guards over his to keep his tattoos safe. 

Warner always sleeps in his crib but lately he has become more apt to sleep
wherever he stops moving. The futon in the playroom makes a great place
 to rest for both of the boys. 

"Beautiful Hair" Bothe of them were due for a hair cut and since it was so long
they both wanted their hair to look pretty so we put it in little pony tails.
Warner couldn't stop saying beautiful. I love it.

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