Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easy Spring Wreath

Spring has sprung and I love seeing my favorite plants bud and bloom. Forsythia plants, a bright sunny yellow flowering bush, is one of my favorites and a sure fire sign of spring. I have seen many decorating ideas using the blooms as well. I am hoping to propagate some cuttings from my friendly neighbors around the corner this year so I can have my own blooms next spring but for this year I will have to settle for a cheery door wreath instead. 
I have my standard grapevine wreath bought at the Dollar Tree and have hot glued flowers to it (using an old white tee-shirt and burlap). Plus my sparkly initial hanging in the middle. It is very versatile and can be modified for any season or holiday. For Christmas I just wove a sparkly green ribbon through it and it really made the door pop.
The next step was to find fake forsythia blooms. Luckily the Dollar Tree came to the rescue again! I found two foot long cuttings, perfect for the project I had in mind. I just wove the bendable branch through the wreath and let it naturally poke out the top. Took about two seconds and adds miles of style to the front door. 
Cheap. Easy. Beautiful. All of my favorite things.

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