Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just A Light Breeze

Ok so this is a picture of the Oregon coast, but it is a true picture of nature's beauty. 

Signs of Spring are all around.
Wind, oh the wind, is back. It has taken me about five years, but I have finally realized that the wind isn’t going anywhere and I just have to stop cursing it and remember to put on a hat when we go out to play. If I can keep my ears warm, it’s not that bad. I’ve learned to cherish the early mornings without the blowing of  sagebrush across our driveway or trying to keep my hair out of my lip gloss. Ellensburg in the Spring is too beautiful to let that four-letter “W” word get the best of me.
The days are getting longer. The sun is drying out the frozen ground. Soon we will be seeing colors of budding flowers and the lush green of fields of hay. Neighborhood kids are starting to stumble out of their cabin fever induced hysterics and harried mothers are ready for outside playdates, letting out a few shrieks of glee (children and moms alike!).

The Spring wind also bring along a sense of newness. A chance to rewrite the routine of our family and a new opportunity to create our beautiful mess of a life. With the changing of the season, I challenge you to embrace this persistent breeze… or at least learn how to tolerate it with grace.

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