Monday, January 26, 2015

Uh Oh it's 2015!

So according to my dad, I haven't blogged since April. April, as in nine months ago. We've been busy. 
Not super awesome, over the top crazy busy. Just the day to day busy with three active boys.
We got through peak at UPS during the Christmas season when Shane was leaving the house at 6am and getting home after 7pm. We made it through a pee-wee football season. We made it through officially starting homeschooling preschool with Lincoln. We made it through a traumatic injury when Lincoln's tooth went through his lip but all is well. We made it through babyhood with Warner and we are onto his troublesome era. You see that first picture below? Gold Sharpie all over his forehead and the palms of his hands (also on my new vest, but that's another story). Rubbing Alcohol on a cotton ball really does work great! Be careful by the eyes though ;)

I also had a few days where my mom too the two older boys to her house so it was just me and Warner and we had a ton of fun just hanging out and being goofy. We also got all of the Christmas decorations down and I finally figured out a way to keep him still. 

So yes we are crazy. Our ordinary, chaotic, beautifully simple life.